His Master’s Ploys

Michael, Michelle & Anthony return to recap the sixth episode of Hunted US' first season. In this episode:

  • Michelle is on the receiving end of a fan favourite joke.
  • Are Production listening to us?
  • We discuss Ant & Dec.
  • How will the Finale actually work next week?
  • We make a bet.
  • Some more rules get revealed.
  • We talk a little bit about Survivor.
  • What was the worst night of Michelle's life?
  • Michael has a brain wave about Australian Hunted.
  • Where do the captured teams go?
  • The editors backpedal.
  • Michelle hates American terms.
  • Where do you buy beer in Sweden?
  • We explain our friends' nicknames.
  • Anthony explains doxxing.
  • How will Lee & Hilmar actually get away with the Craigslist stunt?
  • A surprising team meets a gang.
  • Should you ever contact someone after fifteen years?
  • We have a sponsor!
  • We call out some creative editing.
  • Someone earns themselves a brand new award.
  • Anthony shows his nerdiness.
  • We get to the bottom of the mystery number from Lee's notebook.
  • Michael talks about Fall Out Boy.
  • We watch the video screens.
  • Soul Control get a mention.
  • We lament the loss of a favourite team.
  • Griff slightly biffs it.
  • And we look forward to the finale.
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