Michael, Anthony & Michelle return for the final time this season to recap Hunted US' first season finale. In this episode:

  • Michelle gets tired of a joke.
  • Why do vegetarians eat bank notes?
  • What moment shocked us the most?
  • Why were Alpha overused?
  • Anthony wants a spin-off.
  • Why did Meredith sell out Henry VIII?
  • Michelle doesn't understand rules.
  • Anthony reveals the results of our sweepstake.
  • Michelle is looking at bacon.
  • We actually predicted something.
  • Michael rants.
  • What is the major difference between the UK & US series?
  • Why did Pennywise & Henry VIII disappear?
  • Is Hunted fake?
  • We have an off-season project.
  • What is Michael's superpower?
  • Michelle has been on the radio.
  • Anthony has an observation.
  • The edit gets spun.
  • Did Pennywise & Henry VIII save Lee & Hilmar?
  • Why did we see so few Hunter teams?
  • What is this finale's biggest disappointment?
  • The intro held some clues.
  • What should the next extraction point be?
  • Why did the teams have to go to different places?
  • Anthony knows a bit too much about safety deposit boxes.
  • Did someone take the show brief literally?
  • Could you do a 5km run?
  • We cast Hunted UK v US.
  • Lee & Hilmar channelled Hamish & Mikaela.
  • Michael eats a piece of chocolate tart.
  • We have some listener questions.
  • We try and get Flat Cap Charlie an invite.
  • What effect will the US season have on the next UK one?
  • And will we be back for season 2?
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