Our Hunted Series 1 recaps might not begin till next week, but there's still time to sit down with one of our favourites from Series 5! Friend of the show and winner of Series 5 Rob Ellington sat down with Michael, Anthony & Michelle to discuss everything you could possibly want to know about being a fugitive and being on one of the UK's most popular shows!

In this episode, Michelle & Rob swap teaching stories, Anthony & Michael discuss being cast on the Chase, Rob reveals how seriously his family took being interrogated, the editors threaten to kill off Ben & Rob, we find out what the one cause of friction was, Rob reveals why the Liverpool visit wasn't shown, Rob explains how close Extraction Day really was, there's the potential of a podcast proposal, Rob reveals how Hunted was the making of Ben, the pre-filming briefing proves distracting, there's a definitive answer on whether the show is actually legitimate, Rob reveals what other shows he would do, the London Marathon...may not have been good training for Hunted, the tables are turned as we explain how we would do as fugitives, the Hunters delete a group chat, Rob explains the main reason why they got to the end, we discuss whether it's ever acceptable to snitch on a fugitive, Michael asks a very time-specific question and we try and work out a way for Rob to contribute to our Series 6 podcasts.

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube or you can tweet Michael, Michelle & Anthony directly! We also have an email address for your questions & comments! Thanks to Rob for joining us - our Hunted 1 recaps begin Friday 10th September at 9pm BST!

Please note: This episode covers aspects of all the Hunted series we have recapped so far - Series 2-5. As a result, there may be spoilers for those series in this episode.

Additional Note: So excited for Hunted 1 to start next week! Thanks so much to Rob for joining us - see you on September 10th!

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