Are You a Waffle-off?

Michael & Anthony return to recap the tenth episode of the twelfth series of The Apprentice UK and its Gin task. In this episode:

  • Why have we never seen an alcohol-themed task before?
  • Why did Grainne not get fired?
  • Courtney is so boring.
  • What is "branding"?
  • Who is the David Beckham of the Apprentice?
  • Titans get a name change.
  • The podcast goes under threat.
  • What are the rules around alcohol?
  • Daphne & Celeste make an appearance.
  • Anthony educates Michael on alcohol shops.
  • Jokes are set up.
  • What is the point of Market Research?
  • A new BBC Christmas Special is announced.
  • Trishna sticks by her gin.
  • What are the candidates' favourite cocktails?
  • We rebrand Colony Gin.
  • Anthony asks for more gloating.
  • Why did Trishna give off winner vibes?
  • Why wasn't it another double firing?
  • Michael is proud of a pun.
  • And which three candidates will be fired?
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