Michael & Anthony are back to recap the infamous interview episode of The Apprentice UK's twelfth series. In this episode:

  • What is the benefit of Courtney making the finale?
  • Michael plans some revenge.
  • Why are production using the same locations again?
  • How did Alana win the MVP award stupidly quickly?
  • What is the cardinal sin of brownies?
  • Michael goes for a wedding joke.
  • How do you get on The Apprentice?
  • One listener has a theory.
  • Two candidates should team up.
  • How would Alana's erotic bakeware be marketed?
  • Claude Littner gets his own CBS show.
  • Anthony goes a bit Clarkson.
  • Why does Sugar suck?
  • Why does Michael hate Instagram models?
  • Screw you, Mike Soutar.
  • Why holding money back is usually a good idea.
  • Is Alana good at pitching?
  • Where will Alana go when she wins?
  • Why does Sugar like Courtney's business plan?
  • Why do we love Jessica?
  • What is Michael's official podcast title?
  • Why was Frances fired?
  • Why did Courtney get to the final?
  • We play everyone's favourite game with Anthony - can you remember who's coming back?
  • And who will be hired?
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