Michael & Anthony return to recap the fourth episode of Apprentice UK's twelfth series. In this episode:

  • Why did Aleksandra wait till the task was announced before quitting?
  • Who wakes up early in the shared house?
  • Who is our unironic win pick?
  • Two candidates copy former runner-ups' business plans.
  • Could the editors have sugar-coated Aleksandra's quit?
  • How would this cast be categorised?
  • Why did we see Samuel last week for the first time?
  • Is this the first time that we've not seen a client's decision of who to represent them?
  • What bags do we associate with Minorca?
  • Our Little Louis Walsh takes it to deadlock.
  • One team finally learns when unisex means.
  • Why did Jessica sing "Cool for Cats" in a weird tune?
  • Who should have raided the James & Solomon collection?
  • Why has our MVP from last week gone downhill?
  • Exasperated Claude Littner.
  • Karthik finally finds a role.
  • Why did we not see Claude defend Karthik?
  • Incidental Characters get their time in the spotlight.
  • Who is our MVP?
  • Production have been listening to Michael the Puppet Master.
  • How can you spend £5,000 on white shirts?
  • Sassy Hipster Lady Brady makes an appearance.
  • The rewards are still crap.
  • Paul is a fashionista.
  • Who was a backseat PM?
  • Why is Karthik like water?
  • What is a consultant?
  • Velodromes are scary.
  • Will next week be a multi-firing?
  • The firee joins an exclusive club.
  • And who will fired next?
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