Slap the Butcher

Better late than never, Michael & Anthony return to recap the fifth episode of The Apprentice UK's twelfth series. In this episode:

  • We left Anthony in charge of timekeeping, hence the delay.
  • Early morning wake-up calls confuse us.
  • Are you a YAMIL?
  • Michael reveals a weird connection to one candidate.
  • How would we describe the three product choices?
  • Michael gets a bit OCD.
  • What is the gilet lady's husband's story?
  • Anthony explains the Autumn-Winter sartorial essentials.
  • People who choose not to wear helmets are helmets.
  • Supermarket euphemisms.
  • Do we pledge?
  • We take umbrage with Sassy Hipster Lady Brady.
  • Who is a newly-qualified drama teacher?
  • One Racer from Amazing Race Canada stops by.
  • Who is the Apprentice Weird Al?
  • Where was JD hiding this week?
  • What technical terms does Dillon know?
  • A whiplash-themed MVP is selected.
  • Why did Sofiane have to be on a bike?
  • Claude threatens to burst a blood vessel.
  • Why was Alana assigned to keep time?
  • Nick Hewer finally gets a successor.
  • Production hire odd consultants.
  • Is Samuel one of the worst winning Project Managers ever?
  • What hashtags did Hunter Rebecca omit?
  • We speculate on Alana's business model.
  • Anthony brings some words back.
  • Whose pitching style is from the school Nativity playbook?
  • What actually is Paul's job?
  • Lord Sugar says the most stupid thing that's been said all series.
  • Why should Apprentice become a bit more Solitary?
  • And who will be fired next?
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