The Cigartful Dodger

Michael & Anthony return again to recap the sixth episode of The Apprentice UK's twelfth series. In this episode:

  • We talk about how iconic the exit was this week.
  • What are the reasons why we watch The Apprentice?
  • Michael was too busy to live tweet.
  • Why did they add new scenes to the intro?
  • Anthony plays the Generation Game.
  • Hunter Ben gets an apprentice of his own.
  • Karthik makes some new friends.
  • Lord Sugar is a hypocrite.
  • We are officially on the Karthik train.
  • We mount a defence of Hunter Rebecca.
  • Should Hunter Rebecca have volunteered?
  • Lady Brady needs to lighten up.
  • It's surprisingly not that grim up North.
  • Which supermarkets cannot be trusted?
  • Why did Nebulous lose?
  • Which candidate got the real punishment this week?
  • Which candidates was Hunter Rebecca really talking about?
  • And who will be fired next?
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