Michael & Anthony return to recap the eighth episode of The Apprentice UK and its party planning task. In this episode:

  • There’s an update on the retweets.
  • Anthony starts defending our favourite.
  • The task introduction is a bit tenuous.
  • Why was Dillon not sent to Tussaud’s?
  • What does this task boil down to?
  • What is the name of Karthik’s autobiography?
  • Anthony premieres a pretty good impression.
  • Why did Nebulous lose?
  • Why was the reward so ridiculous?
  • Anthony (sort of) defends Courtney.
  • Why did Nebulous choose a casino?
  • Who was responsible for the hot food debacle?
  • In what respect do our final two have a similar edit?
  • Who will be back for the finale?
  • Why was Karthik’s firing not mentioned in the Previously segment?
  • Who is a useless chugger?
  • When is a sailor costume ever useful?
  • Who was a backdoor PM?
  • One person becomes Adam Ant with a lawnmower collection.
  • Karren Brady channels her inner Confucius.
  • Just how far did Nebulous’ cost-cutting go?
  • Why is Courtney still being allowed to pitch?
  • Why did we see Trishna succeed at being a tour guide?
  • What will the legacy of this series be?
  • What was Titans’ winning strategy?
  • Anthony goes on a Twitter rant.
  • How was anyone happy with Dillon’s singing?
  • Michael cringes already about the virtual reality episode’s prospects.
  • Why was Frances brought back?
  • And who will be fired next?
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