Boner-fide Teamwork

Michael & Anthony return to recap the ninth episode of The Apprentice UK's twelfth series and its virtual reality task. In this episode:

  • Anthony steals a joke.
  • Michael discusses his plans for the interview episode.
  • The cameramen get creepy.
  • Why did we not see cosplayers?
  • Sassy Hipster Lady Brady has some sweet eye rolls.
  • We talk about puzzle games.
  • There's some new euphemisms.
  • Sofiane has a diva fit.
  • Anthony is ungrateful.
  • Michael takes umbrage with the phrase "Wii Game".
  • There's some winner pick waverings.
  • Alana breaks her streak.
  • What is Michael's motto?
  • We talk about Grainne's fatal error.
  • Why did Nebulous get support?
  • What on earth was that reward about?
  • We look forward to Claude losing his rag.
  • Why did Sofiane dither?
  • Anthony locks in a prediction.
  • There's an odd team swap.
  • And who will be fired next?
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