Bitter! At the AVRO

Know what's fish and what's candy, because we are back for our third season of new/old Wie is de Mol episodes - and we're going back to 2010's offering in Japan! Over these nine weeks, two guys who are just sitting back with a drink and bitching about people to their faces - Logan & Michael - are recapping and looking back at all that happened in the Land of Samurai, Shogun and the Rising Sun, continuing with the third episode, disappearance of Manuel and choice of the group to save Barbara.

In this episode - Logan veers ever closer to spoiling things, someone does a heel turn, we try and rehabilitate the reputation of the driving school challenge, we wonder whether Sanne was being deliberately antagonistic, Pieter Jan continues his wonderful streak, Michael heads off a complaint, Peggy makes another cameo, we reveal why Karel left WIDM, Logan learns something about Patagonia, an old friend pops by, we request a new tradition, Michael gives a lesson on topitos, Manuel gets eulogised (unlike in the show), we wonder whether the non-elimination twist rules out a suspect and we discuss what the Mole actually did this episode.

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube or you can tweet Michael & Logan directly! We will see you next week for Episode 4!

Please note: This season is intended on being spoiler-free, so please watch the episodes along with us. As with some of our previous Historical seasons, there is a small spoiler section at the end of the episode - starting at 55:47. Any season we have already covered (WIDM 17-22 and Renaissance; België 4-10) is fair game though.

Additional note: Newsflash - if somehow you still haven't checked out Angela doing Private Dancer (even though Michael mentions it all the damn time), please do by clicking this link.

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