Dutch Brownie Points

Sneak off to do some sabotage, because we are back for 2022's Wie is de Mol season! Over these ten weeks, two guys who always drop a sandbag when they're ready to speak - Logan & Michael - are recapping, analysing and speculating all about Wie is de Mol's season in Albania, continuing with the third episode and elimination of Welmoed.

In this episode - Logan disappointed everyone, we have a bit of an issue with the Black Exemption being dubbed "all-powerful", after a two weeks grace period Production are back to their old ways, another Dutch word is ruined, we reveal the three essentials in life, we discuss our respective histories with fingerprint scanners, we try and break the maths of the second challenge, there's a different type of tunnel vision, there's the latest instalment in the "Logan Saunders: Animal Whisperer" saga, we discuss whether we'd have bought any envelopes, Thomas' tactics are brought into question, we eulogise Welmoed and our latest suspicions, pool update and predictions for the next elimination are revealed.

You can join in with this week's Bother's Bar Suspect List here. If you filled in our First Suspicions list, we are keeping an eye on it all season and reporting back (and lightly teasing anyone who got the Mole wrong)!

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube or you can tweet Michael & Logan directly! We will see you next week for Episode 4!

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