Crawl on your back to scratch that itch, because we are back for 2022's Wie is de Mol season! Over these ten weeks, two guys who try to be as incompetent as possible whenever the opportunity arises - Logan & Michael - are recapping, analysing and speculating all about Wie is de Mol's season in Albania, continuing with the finale and its cliffhanger ending.

In this episode - we finally board the "Kim is a good character train", we give a shoutout to another podcast who didn't bother competing last week, Logan throws his weight around, we predict a subversion for België's return, we reveal if we have a problem with Production borrowing ideas from other franchises, Michael promises to tell the truth to Gilles de Coster, Production get a bit over-eager with the money, Logan learns a life lesson, Michael risks sounding like a Hunted viewer, we try and use game theory to work out what roles the final three didn't play, Logan talks about his Online Mole Games, Michael wonders if there's room for a Mole-themed Whodunnit season, we try and improve Sunday Trading Laws, Production prove to be a bit mean when they take money out of the pot at the end of the season, Michael finds an obvious way to win the spy challenge, there is finally a potential clue, our Final Suspicions are revealed, Logan goes for a record and we have the first proper bit of België news - albeit with a small caveat...

You can join in with this week's Bother's Bar Suspect List here. If you filled in our First Suspicions list, we are keeping an eye on it all season and reporting back (and lightly teasing anyone who got the Mole wrong)!

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube or you can tweet Michael & Logan directly! We will see you next week for the unmasking!

Please note: We do discuss elements of previous seasons we've covered in this episode (17-21; Belgie 4-9) as well as the final three of Celebrity Mole: Yucatan.

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