Don't go straight to time, because we are back for 2022's Wie is de Mol season! Over the past ten weeks, two guys who are always deciding between gloating now and gloating later - Logan & Michael - have been recapping, analysing and speculating all about Wie is de Mol's season in Albania, concluding with this week's reunion episode and reveal of Everon as the Mole!

In this episode - Logan is forgetful, we try and guess who will win the Bother's Bar Suspect List, one of us gets a new Instagram follower, Michael tries to add up the pot again, one clue proves completely ungettable, we wonder if you should ever have to willingly watch an aftershow, we break our habits and rank the Mole, the opening twist has an unintended impact, we run through this season's improvements, the final results of First Suspicions and Pool are announced and Michael reveals if he regrets using a Switch.

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube or you can tweet Michael & Logan directly! We will see you on March 24th* for De Mol België: Canary Islands!

*hopefully - Michael is away that week...

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