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Michael & Logan are back for another season of episodes by finally fitting into the busy schedule of Season 27’s America’s Sweethearts Justin &amp...View Details

Michael & Logan end the season of interviews by conducting the final one in a situation that will remind you of Baghdad with Kelly Parkison. In th...View Details

Michael & Logan return to talk to Sheri LaBrant from Amazing Race 28 and get social! In this episode: How was Sheri cast? How obvious were the has...View Details

Michael & Logan return with another Amazing Race 9 interview, this time with winner Tyler MacNiven! In this episode: Has Logan been fighting? How ...View Details

Michael & Logan are joined by Amazing Race US legend and bane of the Australian taxi services, Eric Sanchez to discuss 26 episodes worth of shenan...View Details

Michael & Logan are back again for an Amazing Race Canada throwback – a visit from iconic Canadian Hal Johnson! In this episode: What role has Hal...View Details

Michael & Logan return yet again for an interview, but I bet you didn’t see this one coming – it’s with Lowell Taylor! In this episode: The saga o...View Details

Michael & Logan are back again to break down Amazing Race 26 with another star of the show – Hayley Bivens. In this episode: What is Hayley’s lega...View Details

Michael & Logan are back again to talk more about Amazing Race 29 – this time with Amazing Race’s answer to Cher…if Cher screamed a lot, Scott Fla...View Details

Michael & Logan return once more to have an audience with the Queen of Amazing Race – Brooke Camhi – and chat about everything Amazing Race 29. In...View Details

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