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A Little Less Shut-eye

Shout loudly, as we are back for Amazing Race 32! Each week from now until the end of the season (and who knows when that'll be at this rate?), the tw...View Details

Michael & Logan are back to discuss the fifth and sixth episodes of Amazing Race 31 and its visits to Dubai & Uganda! In this episode: Where i...View Details

Michael & Logan return to recap Amazing Race Canada 4’s visit to Havana, Cuba, which aired at a special event in Toronto last night. This week: Lo...View Details

Armenian Date Night

Michael & Logan return to recap Amazing Race 28's sixth episode and visit to Yerevan, Armenia, which aired on CTV in Canada on Friday March 18th!

Tiny Sausage

Michael and Logan return for this very special episode five recap of the episode which aired on Friday 27th March between two of the NCAA March Madnes...View Details

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