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Happy September! As a special treat, Logan sat down with the winners of The Amazing Race Australia 2 - Shane Haw & Andrew Thoday - to have a deep ...View Details

We've been away for a few weeks, but we're back for a very special episode, joined by the breakout star of the season - Bart Lintermans! In this episo...View Details

It's our 300th episode, and what better way to celebrate than to do one of our most contentious episodes ever? In this episode, Michael, Logan, Anthon...View Details

Michael & Logan are back for the first of two De Mol (Belgie) episodes this week with the Diary of a Mole finale and interviews with the final thr...View Details

Michael & Logan are back once more for some family time with the artist formerly known as Megan Linz! In this episode: We go a bit insider basebal...View Details

Michael & Logan return from a few weeks in the wilderness for a sitdown with Al Rios from Amazing Race 4! In this episode: What podcasting pedigre...View Details

Logan goes solo and sits down to discuss everything Amazing Race 2 with Alex Boylan! In this episode: Does Alex remember Fat Maria? Did Chris & Al...View Details

Michael & Logan are back for another season of episodes by finally fitting into the busy schedule of Season 27’s America’s Sweethearts Justin &amp...View Details

Michael & Logan end the season of interviews by conducting the final one in a situation that will remind you of Baghdad with Kelly Parkison. In th...View Details

Michael & Logan return to talk to Sheri LaBrant from Amazing Race 28 and get social! In this episode: How was Sheri cast? How obvious were the has...View Details

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