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Flemish with Benefits

Grab all the badass car line rider parents you know, as we are back for Amazing Race 32! Each week from now until the end of the season (and who knows...View Details

Michael & Logan are caught off guard, but ready to go with this Amazing Race 31 Season Preview! In this episode: How do we decide the order of tea...View Details

Fake Labels & Favouritism

Michael & Logan return to preview the sixth season of Amazing Race Canada...and then announce what is happening for the rest of the season. In thi...View Details

A Look of the Flanarys

Michael & Logan return for the first time in what feels like forever to preview the upcoming Amazing Race season which begins on January 3rd. In t...View Details

Logan & Michael (reluctantly) return to preview the upcoming Amazing Race Canada Season and celebrate TWO HUNDRED PODCASTS! In this very special e...View Details

Knitting with Donald Duck

Michael & Logan return to preview the upcoming season of The Amazing Race. In this episode: Why is the podcast delayed? Everyone has odd hobbies....View Details

Logan has been thawed out from cryogenic storage, so it's time to preview Amazing Race Asia 5: The Glorious Wuturn of Allan Wu! In this episode: Why i...View Details

Mrs Universe, Everyone

Michael & Logan return at the very last minute to preview Amazing Race Canada 4's cast! This week: Casual fans still hate beauty queens. CTV's eup...View Details

Drooling, Duh

Michael, Logan & Michelle are back for the ninth Amazing Race season's coverage - Amazing Race 28: Let's Get Social - in an episode so good it'll ...View Details

Miami’s Canal System

Michael & Logan return to preview the upcoming twenty-seventh American season of Amazing Race!

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